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Preparing for your Cake Smash

Cake Smashes are a super fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday. The options are endless. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning out ideas for their session.


If your child has never had icing or cake before, try giving them a cupcake a few days before the session. This way they have an idea of what it is, the texture and that they are allowed to eat it and make a mess with it. If you are using a cake, pull the cake out of the fridge so it isn't too cold for them. Show them the cake before hand as well. If your child has never really fed themselves and are not used to being messy, this could make the session not go as you had planned. In this case a different food for the session would be more ideal. (I.e spaghetti, donuts, tacos, ice cream/sprinkles ect)

Cake smashes can be very interesting. Some kiddos like to go face first into the cake, while others will sit there and cry. Don't go in with high expectations that your kiddo with eat and play with their food and give their best smiles during their session. Even if they LOVE food. Some kids will sit there and just finger poke the cake, some kids will lick it, while others need a spoon to even be near it. Food can be serious business.


Make sure to bring an extra pair of clothing for yourselves, these sessions get very messy and most children want to be picked up at some point, or if they crawl away during the session, you will need to pick them up.


Sessions start with photos without the cake and can be in a separate outfit. 1 year olds personalities change from minute to minute and day to day and throw in teething in the mix. We will do lots of different things to make sure we got great photos of them smiling before the food is put in front of them. Typically once the food is in front of them then they usually get serious. Because I mean food is serious business LOL! But cake smashes sure are fun!! Bubble baths can be addedto your session as well. Sessions can last from 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours.

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