Pancake Smash

Emmett came in for his 2 year birthday session. While talking with his mom we decided on a camping/lumberjack theme with PANCAKES! I jumped right onto this one. Because I love anything to do with camping/outdoors and not just for photographs. When Emmett came walking in with his parents he had the biggest smile. He just wanted to see everything in the studio. He is such a ham and just wanted to go, go, go like any typical 2 year old. Once we started the session with the pancakes. He just wanted the whipcream from the can LOL. But then he refused to eat the pancake with the whipcream. So we gave him another pancake and he LOVED it. He even tried to eat it right off the floor LOL. To take a BIG bite. Just like mamma had told him to do. What a character and the sound effects he made wither every bite he took. Made mom and dad laugh so much. Some of my favourites from the session.

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