Light it up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day

Today is light it up blue for World Autism Awareness Day. April is Awareness month.

Majority of you that have been to the studio have met our son Raven. And alot of you already know his story. He is after all one of my favourite stories to tell.

Raven has high functioning autism and ADHD. He was officially diagnosed at the age of 5 for ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) and then at the age of 6.5 with ADHD. He was almost non verbal until the age of 4, and he was an insomniac until the age of 4.5. Which means from the time of birth until 4.5 years of age. He only slept 5 hours a night. Wow right.

After almost 6 years being diagnosed he has had many many many occupational therapy appointments, speech therapy, doctors appointments, ABA appointments, ect ect...

He over came many battles and still works hard with with behavior, sensory, fine motor, language, reading and social cues.

Most people who he comes up to now, wouldn't even guess that he has autism. He loves to socialize for the most part. But then there are days where he just wants to be in his own world.

Some days are good, some days a bad or its a mix of both. Could be a smell, a touch, or even a thought or a sound that throws off his day. Or just how someone reacts to him.

He loves animals, he very curious about the world. He loves Lamborghinis, he loves to collect odd things and gems. He loves to goof around and make silly noises and faces and play video games. He likes to run and "crash" into the floor. He loves being with his friends and his family.

He wants to be understood. To be accepted. If you see a child, screaming for "no reason" in a store. Don't judge and think that they are just acting out. Maybe they are experiencing a new sound or smell and do not know how to handle it. Or if you see a child who is wearing clothing that isn't for their age group, maybe that is what keeps them comfortable enough to leave the house. Or see a child who flaps their arms like wings. Like Raven does because he is excited. Don't make fun. Accept them. Teach your children. Research. Understand.

We love Raven and we wouldn't change him for anything in the world. Autism Awareness day is everyday for our family.

Also I want to add that Autism doesn't start at age 5 and it doesn't end at age 18 either. Many adults have autism or are just finding out of being undiagnosed all their lives.

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