Preparing for your newborn session

There is a lot of prep that goes into photographing a newborn. Here are some of my tips and tricks that I have learned over the years to help make the session go as smooth as possible.

Newborns are best to be photographed within the first 7-14 days of life.  This is the most ideal time as they are the sleepiest and still have all their newborn features. We can pose them easier into the curled up positions at this age. 

It is best to bathe your newborn about 2 hours before your session. This helps them stay awake a little longer. If your babe has flaky skin, you can apply lotion. Do not worry if they still have flaky skin or acne when I see them. I can remove it in post-processing or leave it in, whichever is your preference. 

Try and keep babe awake before the session, and then feed them just before you are to leave. Try and keep little amounts of clothing on babe (weather pending of course) or looser clothing this helps makes the start of the sessions go smoother. 

Circumcision we highly recommend scheduling your newborn session 1-2 days prior to his circumcision. Due to the large amount of pain that they will be in if their newborn session is done while the healing process is still happening. If you chose to wait until after the circumcision has been preformed, we ask that you bring them in 1 week after their appointment so that they are fully healed and ready to go!

If your babe is prone to being gassy, please try and bring gripe water along with you. 
Please bring a soother. Even if you are not using one, it does help the session go a lot smoother and quicker. If you are worried about nipple confusion, please do not worry as it will not cause it from the short amount of time we will be using it. 

The studio will be VERY warm at 75 degrees. This is to keep babe warm, while being naked for most images. If I am not sweating then babe isn't warm enough. LOL! Please wear light clothing, or dress in layers. I have a bathroom for you to use if you would like to change into different clothes. Please also bring an extra pair of clothes for yourself and other family members that will be in photos in case babe has an accident on you/them. You may also step out and cool down while I continue on with your babe. 

Newborn sessions typically last from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Depending on soothing, feedings and props changes. 
I have a couch for you to relax in and yes even sometimes fall asleep in. I will provide you with water as well. If you would like to bring some snacks for yourselves, please do so.

When bringing siblings, please bring extra snacks, toys, and activities to entertain them if they are staying for the full session. It is ideal to have someone bring them home after they have had their photos taken with babe. Especially with toddlers, it can be distracting. 

I also ask to only bring 1 extra pair of hands with you. I can only fit a limited amount of people into my studio.
The studio is part of my home, you will see my children and my husband and sometimes my furry friends roaming around. Feel free to say HI :)


During the session
Don’t worry if babe poops, pees or spits up on myself, or any of the props/blankets ect. It happens about 95% of the time. It comes with the territory. All blankets and anything that the baby has touched will be hand or machine washed after each session.

Things tend to go a bit slow during sessions as I try and perfect every detail from uncurling fingers and toes to being curled into the perfect position. Safety is my most crucial rule. All photos of babe I am always right there or have the parent/guardian as a spotter. Riskier poses (i.e frog pose, on a horse saddle ect) hands are on babe at all times and then in post processing hands are removed. 

Please keep in mind some babes do not like certain poses, it is best to go with the flow of what the babe is telling me of what they like or do not like.


Lifestyle sessions done in home
Lifestyle sessions done in the home are captured  photo documentary style. These sessions are normally an hour to an hour and a half long. We will go into the room that you wish to use, whether it is the nursery, your bedroom or living room or a combination of rooms. Photos during these sessions consist more of the family interacting with eachother. Capturing pure emotion and expressions. Then the simplicity of babe either in a wrap or in a onesie. Keeping the rooms that we will be in warm helps keep the session go smooth. Also look for anything that you do not wish to have in the photographs, any certain items. This includes cords from plugs that you can see. Hiding little things like this helps keeps things from being distracting in the photographs. Pets are welcome in the sessions as well.

Accessories and props

I have a wide range of things to choose from. I have different colours of blankets, basket stuffers, crates, baskets, hats, headbands, and other unique little finds. I do encourage you to bring something extra special to make the session more personal to you. Whether it is for something that involves your families hobbies/occupation or interests to a family heirloom. 


Sessions can be done in my studio located by Kenilworth or in the comfort of your own home. If the weather is warm enough I even offer outdoor newborn sessions.